Best icse schools in Whitefield

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When you search for the best icse schools in Whitefield, I am sure that you look for certain choice parameters. The basic parameters of choice are distance from your residence, transport facility, safety and security in transport, travel time, pick up and drop doorstep, campus infrastructure, safety on campus, trained teachers, co-curriculars, inter school competitions, reviews, and past results. These are the primary filters. However, in your scout for the best icse schools in Whitefield a couple of schools in Whitefield may captivate you in their offerings through the glamorous infrastructure, desks and chairs, talk of the admissions and marketing team, colorful amenities, flashy brochures and catchy jargons. It is a fact though. Still knowing that such shimmers may be captivating, you may go carried away by them. This is a very normal scenario.

However, do not take me wrong in being brutally honest and transparent. I do not have anything against any school. As an educator and critic of the global schools and curriculum in the K-12 sector, I believe that as a parent you should have certain meaningful parameters to look into. Trust yourself as one of the most powerful stakeholders in the learning journey of your child in sharing your experiences and transforming your outlook as a Gen Alpha parent- a parent with child who should focus on contributing ideas in collaborating with the global world. You are the one who is standing in the distinction zone of experiencing and contributing your experience of working in a global platform. Remember, the small window which connects you professionally with your team across the globe in your thirties is powerful enough to connect your child with global peers and teachers every now and then. Hence, you are a parent who should be looking for a school with a transformative outlook and pedagogy.

As a parent of India, it is very common that you would look forbest icse schools in Whitefield as it is one of the preferred age old curricula. The curriculum of your selected school may be ICSE, but you need to be vigilant enough to zoom into their pedagogical research model, the school’s philosophy, and the mission and vision.

Ultimately, for thebest icse schools in Whitefield these are the foundation building blocks on which they should operate. A school’s mission based on its sustainable vision, should be achievable. I do not find any meaning in a mission like-’we aim to create leaders of tomorrow’-the most common mission. But introspect on this-what is the meaning of leaders and tomorrow, why is it that the school would aim, when will the aim be accomplished? Please do not go with catch phrases on mission and vision. Work on the selection axis of reality.

As a parent I would suggest that select that school which has sustainable mission and vision, learning goals which infuse transferable skills like time management, planning, self-regulation, the school which is not a cosmetic piece of architecture but a sustainable ecosystem working in the line of UN’s global goals, the learning milieu which creates independent thinkers and explorers who learn and integrate concepts through the surroundings, a vibrant meeting place where all minds work beyond what is only written in the books and take baby steps in making the world a better place.

That is the school for your child.