Best Ranking International Whitefield School

THE GREEN SCHOOL BANGALORE bags Education World ranking award under the top ten environmentally friendly schools for 2020. The green school Bangalore, Whitefield is a zero energy, zero carbon, and a zero-waste school designed from the most organic materials available, in order to function sustainably. As part of our focus on curricular integration, TGSB incorporates STEAM along with Machine Learning, Coding, and Robotics as the backbone of TGSB education. STEAM (the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) is an approach that is built on creating relevance to learning by focusing on the relationship between disciplines and can be evidenced across all subjects taught at TGSB.


Dear Parents,
I welcome you to The Green School Bangalore , which strives to be one of the best pre-schools in the country. The school tries to give a rich blend of learning, fun, play, and other activities like art, dance, music, theatre, etc. The school is geared up to give one of the best facilities for the child’s all-round development.
We have attracted one of the best talents, for our teaching and other staff to ensure that your child gets the best. We do not believe that getting the best staff is an end in itself. We plan to have continuous learning/training for teachers to ensure that they remain the best consistently over the years.
We want to be a transparent school to ensure that the parents get to understand how we go about achieving our objective of being the best pre-school in the country. We not only want to listen to the parents and shall take their suggestions for improvement seriously. We shall not become the best school in the country unless we give importance to nature and the environment that shall be one of our principal objectives. We would like to be evaluated at the end of the year by the smile and happiness of the children attending the school than any other yardstick.

Usha Iyer


Classrooms are backed with Project-based learning and Problem-Based Learning in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge. Discussions in classrooms often dazzle with stories of fanciful robots, exotic materials, and whimsical ideas for cross-disciplinary projects. On a typical school day at TGSB, students learn about science, literacy, math, geography, and more by cultivating an indoor farm, turning their harvest into healthy meals and sharing the ideas with others . Remarkably, this state-of-the-art green curriculum has taken root in a heart if the city-whitefield- Bangalore.


The first Green School has launched its elementary wing in KOTUR, in the heart of Whitefield Bangalore on lines of the green school concept, Bali. The school teaches all about parallel fuels and green teaching is part of the curriculum. Kids work in organic farms and composite the waste. It’s a zero-waste, zero energy, and a zero-carbon school. Kids learn how to segregate waste with the intention of Reuse, Reject, and Refuse. A school with green breathing walls to keep enough oxygen supply.

TGSB offers an integrated curriculum with the fundamentals of ICSE/IGCSE/PYP. The curriculum, teaching methodology, and formative assessments strictly follow the schedules, timeline, and pattern prescribed by ICSE. In addition to regular academic courses, the program is designed to help students to achieve academic excellence in a competitive environment. Well-equipped labs ensure that the students get adequate practical exposure in each subject.

The school facilitates students to prepare for competitive and qualifying examinations such as ASSET, Spell Bee, Science Olympiads and Maths Olympiads. Subject Enrichment programs are offered with Mind Spark digital tool in collaboration with Educational Initiative, an Ed-Tech Solution company. Mindspark is a computer-based online self-learning tool that enhances children’s understanding of Maths. It adapts to each student’s individual learning pace in sync with the school curriculum and provides instant feedback that clears incorrect understanding.

Students are groomed to embrace a global perspective and are imparted with knowledge combined with values, preparing them to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Here at TGSB, we are a believer that every child should be an excellent all-rounder, but every child should excel in a defined area or activity. A wide range of enrichment programs in sports, music, visual, and performing arts is an inherent part of the regular teaching methodology. The students can identify their areas of strength and trail an academic program that is best suited to their capability, inclination and is in alignment with their long-term objectives. Field trips, seminars, workshops, guest lectures, interactions with experts and industry specialists in various fields enhance the learning experience.

Experience the TGSB way of learning!