Best School in Whitefield

If you are a parent looking for the best school in Whitefield, Bangalore; it is expected that you stay in one of the most happening sites of Bangalore which is a very prospective location for the best real estates and forms a good connectivity to the IT hubs of Bangalore. Whitefield Bangalore is also the hub of may of the top and best school in Whitefield, Bangalore which are popular CBSE or ICSE schools in Whitefield, Bangalore. 

As an educationist, curriculum designer and analyst, I strongly suggest that as a prospective parent, if you are looking for the list of the top schools in Whitefield Bangalore; you should be focusing on some of the exclusive factors which makes a school the most cherishing place for your child and the most meaningful learning platform in enjoying the school journey of your child.

Let me not talk of only the cliche factors which most of the listing sites talk about-admissions open, fees, and so on. Let us reflect on some meaningful factors which make a school best school in Whitefield, Bangalore. Coming to the mission, vision, learning philosophy, holistic environment, independent learning framework, informal atmosphere, and the most google reviewed school; you should go for the school in Whitefield, Bangalore which serves as the most fulfilling criteria as the best school.

Needless to say that as a parent I would go for that school for my child which I consider as the best school in terms of the mission, vision, learning environment of the school matching with my mindset and definition of a good school. True that for every parent, the definition may not be the same for the best school, but certain meaningful parameters might be very imperative in adopting a filter process for the choice of the best school.

If you are looking for the best school in Whitefield, the filter funnel which you should adopt for selecting the best school for your child based on the solidity of the technical  infrastructure integrated in education, human assets, investment on fulfilling the mission and vision of the school through strategic plans and programmes, adoption of the universal design of learning, integrating curriculum through the trans-disciplines, giving a freedom of physical and mental space for a child to think beyond the box, encompassing round a learning milieu where children may have an informal approach to learning and communication, the connotation of teaching and learning, and team spirit in treating all the stakeholders as active agents.

Remember that these are certain parameters which are not commonly visible in the admissions selection criteria for the best school. Parents, while selecting the best or the top schools in Whitefield, usually search for the schools which show up as the best are thanks to the ad based search showing up with the fees, admissions open, and awards won. Question yourself as a parent that according to you what should be the best school in Whitefield, if you are selecting for the best. Trust me: the attribute ‘best’ is used in a cliche way but the connotation has the uniqueness which surely calls for the most meaningful parameters which shape up your child’s life. It is not at all confined to the curriculum or awards won or AC classrooms or the big campus. It is all about the warmth in a school,which need not have the corporate look but an eco-friendly infrastructure which resonates with the sustainability of ecosystem, the approach of the mentors who are handholders, the warmth in the welcome by the school leaders, the feeling of oneness of all the stakeholders, the open door policy, the holistic environment where all the activities are treated as co-scholastics and not extra-curriculars, the learning stage where children forget the books and love the subjects, and above all that school which really treated the students as active self-regulated learning agents and NOT passive imitating puppets.