Best School in Bangalore

Popularly known amongst the learning fraternity for integrating the global goal of educational sustainability in the learning ecosystem, The Green School Bangalore (TGSB) works towards its vision, mission, and values of creating responsible global citizens.

As one of the best schools in Bangalore, TGSB focuses on the holistic development of every child. Every child is perceived through a unique understanding . TGSB believes that childhood is not a sprint to see how quickly a child can reach the goal. It is an evergreen phase of life to enjoy, learn and develop skills at an individualistic pace which is specific, right and subjective for each individual child. No child is weaker than the other. It is the expertise of the mentor to tailor the tools subjective to each child’s needs. The kids should be stress free so that they can stimulate their senses and analyze who they are. Each child is different, vibrant and magical in his or her own way. The magic wand is in the hands of the facilitator.

Teacher in TGSB is a facilitator, who adopts a student-led inquiry in the approaches to guided learning. In the process of student-centred learning, learners nurture their freedom of thoughts and expression, connecting every theme based learning with real life. 

The curriculum is a blend of the best pedagogical elements from every curriculum like the national and the international ones like the Cambridge International Programme and the IB Primary Year Programme. The most exciting aspect of the hybrid model lies in its blended approach to learning with tailored lesson plans.  The unique learning environment follows a constructivist approach, where every child learns to question and construct knowledge through an inquiry mode. The construction of knowledge through senses, based on creativity and imagination, creates an excitement in every child to learn through contestability, rather than accept what is just being taught.

In the digital era of learning many parents are curious to know the intensity of digital integration in the academic framework. TGSB has balanced it well. The blended approach is a perfect mix of age appropriate screen time required to inculcate research skills with a hands on experiential learning.

Being reviewed by the parent community as the best school in Bangalore for its pedagogy, mission and vision; TGSB has created a perfect holistic environment for the kids in integrating the co-curriculars with the academics, thereby tailoring the most meaningful holistic framework. Like academics, every child is assessed on their gross and fine motor skills, emotional, social, and adversity quotients.

It is quite common that the modern age schools speak a lot on the wholesome curriculum, but at times it just remains in the school brochure as a jargon. However, the TGSB fabric encompasses its entire ecosystem of education around a uniform nurture of all quotients-IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ(emotional quotient), SQ (social quotient), AQ(adversity quotient), and HQ(happiness quotient).

The school has an open door policy. Parents are considered as very strong stakeholders whose contribution creates a synergetic learning environment. As members of the School’s decision making team, parents of TGSB are more aware of and become more active regarding policies that affect their children’s education. Consistent parent involvement leads to improved relationships with the School team.

It is a gratifying experience for each and every parent to see their child growing up in the School which believes in nurturing children through self-advocacy. Self-advocacy is a key attribute and attitude infused in a child which makes him or her aware of the rights, stay informed, be open minded, be a problem solver, and develop the grit which leads to successful learning outcomes. This is where TGSB is the most reviewed School in Bangalore as a learning milieu for every kid, who is unique in his or her own way.