Primary students take responsibility for the daily jobs that occur around the TBS Green School campus. From preparing for school lunches to sweeping and cleaning , students assist in the daily running of the school. It’s a team work.
The students show respect to their mentors(teachers and adults around them) and respect to nature. They understand the three golden words -Thank you ,Sorry and Please and use it in their language. Self -respect and respect to others and nature is imbibed in them at grassroot level. There is a quotient of happiness in what they do and learn to REDUCE,REJECT and RECYCLE
Discipline is created through routine and deadlines. They understand the importance of time and code of conduct. Standard acceptable behaviour is inculcated through self -help and self- doing. We create a sense of pride in them for their work accomplished and they learn NOT TO GIVE UP.
It’s a caring school and it can be seen in the staff and the kids. Empathy is created through role play and dramatization. Street plays form an important part in the assemblies for kids to express emotions. We believe in giving back to the world what we want them to perceive us