Day Care

Day care (after school and extended )

TGSBhas an extended daycare facility for their staff and school kids. It’s a specially designed, well-equipped building, spacious rooms with ample ventilation, we have Wonder kindergarden and nature kindergarden programmes and a large play area for kids making sure that you would love the day-care just as your kids would.

Sports and Performing Arts classes(6-11 years)

Instead of somebody helping you finding a thing, our mentors inspire a never-ending search, pushing the boundaries of infinite learning farther and beyond.
WOW Mentors!
We have hired some of the best fecilators and mentors who have a tremendous track record, exposure and experience in global systems of learning. The institution also engages in timely orientation programmes for teachers, instructional assistants, counsellors, and support staff. We have a Japanese mentoring programme for kids
Around you, within you, about you, every little thing
sets the spark ablaze.
Our Sprawling Infrastructure and other Facilities
Conforming to the recommendations of Central and Cambridge Boards, the campus offers a full-spectrum of facilities, both indoor and outdoor. A huge performing arts and open air amphitheatre for dance ,music,theatre and story telling
The special features:

• Lush green landscape complementing the green concept
• Dedicated football,basketball ,skating and badminton courts and spaces and foreign coaches to teach sport
• Kitchen science lab for experiential and hands on learning
• Completely atomised school. GPS trackers ,RFID face readers ,temperature checks and safety beepers for tracking kids in campus.
• Classrooms beyond boundaries and extended classrooms
• Weather stations ,outdoor water and sand areas
• Global sustainability – learning all about parallel fuels, working on green projects across the globe
• Every where and anywhere learning
• Open air amphitheatre for storytelling and drama
• Expert mentors with decades of experience and international exposure
• Performing arts centre for dance music ,art,sculpture and theatre and to associate with SPICMACAY for artiste workshops
• Personalised learning goals for each kid and pyjama classes on saturdays