Our goal of creating a Green Planet

Schools, parents, and teachers talk a lot about promoting creative thinking skills in kids. But do we really need to promote creative thinking skills in them?

Kids are creative. They are the shark tank of ideas, the idea makers, and idea mappers. I defy with the phrase ‘ways to promote creative thinking in kids’; rather it should be ‘ways to identify and direct the creative thinking in kids’.

What we need as active stakeholders being school, mentors, and parents- is to shape up the creative thoughts of our children and give them a sense of direction.

Let us consider the simple fact that kids have a splash of imagination, they see the world through a kaleidoscope of patterned perceptions. The patterns are unique to every imagineer’s imagination. They do not search for reasons to come up with ideas, rather novel and fresh thoughts brew in their playful minds. They do not go by structure, and that’s the charm!

A frame or a structure makes us judgemental with stereotypes and biases. But the kids are neutral active observers, listeners, and communicators.

The most meaningful way of channelising their creativity is to help them connect every lesson with the surrounding, to make them realise the oneness with the world around, to inculcate independent thinking skills, to promote exploration in every phase of their learning, to encourage them to ask questions, and above all to make them self-regulated active agents in the learning process.


Another very important aspect of encouraging them to remain creative is in their understanding of the planet and its life with a better awareness in creating sustainable resources. This is what I believe as creativity- being creative in creating a sustainable learning ecosystem which looks forward to a futuristic goal.
Hats off to The Green School bangalore team for your awareness and adoption of a progressive learning ecosystem!

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