Entrepreneurship skills in TGSB students

The Green School Bangalore (TGSB) has been earning immense popularity amongst the parent community for its value addition in the students’ lives through integrating life skills in learning.
The TGSB curriculum, with its well-studied pedagogical tools, aims at inculcating life skills in children. One such example is the entrepreneurship skills, whereby the TGSB students learn to integrate the cognitive domain with the affective domain.
The affective skills of motivation, goal setting, planning, and organization infused through the daily learning process, make them adept to look through the lens of junior entrepreneurs. The TGSBians are facilitated in learning how to select opportunities to recognize the intricacies of a problem and solve it in the most creative way. The problem solving strategies adopted by the students through every experiential activity, make them junior strategists in the real life situations. Exposing them to complex real life situations make them steadfast risk takers.

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