Extracurricular or Intracurricular activities at TGSB

You might find the concept intriguing, wondering why are we aiming to hammer on a very well known and well accepted concept in a curriculum framework. As parents, we are quite akin to exploring extracurricular activities for our students. However, have you wondered that why performing arts or sports or fine arts are considered as extracurricula. On one hand we look forward to these activities being encouraged with academics, on the other hand we treat them as extracurricula. The question here is preety straight-‘why are these activities extra? They should be treated as important as academics.

The Green School Bangalore (TGSB) has addressed the question very thoughtfully. For the TGSB innovative curriculum, all gross and fine motor skills are compulsory and addressed with the same focus.

It is easy to infuse the word ‘holistic development’ in any curriculum, however, it is difficult to truely connotate the meaning. With a perfect amalgamation of intellectual, social, emotional, gross, and fine motor skills in the curriculum; TGSB curriculum focus and assessment captures the true essence of holistic development in nurturing the overall development of children.