Have you imagined a School carved with the goal of creating ‘the Green Planet’?

our green planet

Green curriculum meant for the Green Leaders, is what the School attributes its identity to be. But this tagline probably is just a blanket phrase, within which it cocoons the meaningful seed. What does this seed have in it? The seed is the BIG house with a BIG responsibility through actions and activities infused in its K-12 curriculum.

While every school talks of its innovative curriculum, what is so special about The Green school Bangalore?- is something to reflect upon.

Working in line of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of good health and energy, clean water and sanitation, affordable clean energy; TGSB brings in nature in the classroom such that the importance of nature is assimilated within the thought process, cognitive development, and attitudes of the students. It is a very evident concept in the Observational Learning in Psychology that whatever students experience and explore become an integral part of their behavioral response. Hence, TGSB ensures that it proves to infuse the attributes of social empathy, responsibility, and compassion in the learning objectives of the students.

The green curriculum spins the pedagogical tenets through understanding the role of nature in an individual’s life. The responsibility of the TGSB students as global citizens is ingrained through green responsibilities of making organic manure, growing self-sustainable vegetation, adopting the 3Rs, use of green architecture materials, use of carbon panels, harvesting rainwater, and the potential use of the solar energy for the green architecture.

In a nutshell, the oath taken up by the TGSB community is the motivational mantra for the budding entrepreneurs who envision, envisage, and act towards making the planet a more healthy and happy place for all.