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Leaders in online education

Benefits of Virtual or online classes for students

The global pandemic has opened up a wide new window for the K-12 with its online education platform. This was not a very common scenario earlier, when children and parents were more exposed to the physical schooling mode. In fact, to some the opening up of the online education portal has been a compensatory call as the much needed shot of the hour. However, a deep insight into the new online learning mode helps you zoom beyond the physical walls of the classroom.

Why can’t a virtual class be equally appealing as a physical classroom? The whole idea of posing this question is not to ratify the new mode of learning as a substitute of the good old physical mode. The purpose is to look at it with all the positive mindset, rather than just considering it as a random temporary adjustment.
The online K-12 education is able to cater to the diverse needs of the parents and the students. Suppose your child is very focused in a particular area of sport or performing arts, so much so that the physical schooling timetable poses challenges to the calendar. In such cases, will you not want some customized treatment where classes can be taken from anywhere?
Flexibility brings in comfort, which in turn begets confidence in opening up of the self. For a child, it is very important that he or she is exposed to a comfortable atmosphere without much additional stress.
There may be another scenario where you have a school of your choice. Suppose the school is in a different location, beyond your reach. An online education platform may help all the stakeholders-school, children, facilitators, and parents- to connect through the small powerful window, bridging the geographical gaps.
In addition, the technical exposure that the K-12 online school schooling can bring forth for your child is noteworthy. Starting from attending classes over the digital interface, befriending with the technical tools in the learning map, being akin to more of research work, to managing time, organizer, and working towards the self-directed goals- are strong attributes which the novel mode of learning would infuse in your child in becoming self-regulated agents.
Herein, experience India’s best online school for K-12 education. The Green school Bangalore, TGSB, has been a mastermind in online schooling for a long time, with the clear vision and mission of reaching out its holistically carved sustainable education to every child-with the great leap of making the best learning reach every child across geographical limits.

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