Miss.Usha Iyer - Principal

TGSB Managing Director

Miss.Usha Iyer

The Bangalore School is promoted by Ms.Usha Iyer and other investors. She heads the school as Director and has a rich career in the education field, that includes:

Founder Principal of India International School, Bangalore.
Heading the Early Childhood Learning Centre as a Director and a Consultant of K-12 schools.
Educational Qualifications and Accomplishments:

She has done her M.A, M.Ed. and I.E.L.T (Dubai) with vast work experience in schools abroad and in India for 33years.

Mrs. Rupa Saha Mandal - Elementary Head

Mrs. Rupa Saha Mandal

I have been an educator for over 12 years. I am extremely passionate about the holistic development of children and has worked in the capacity of academics with ICSE Schools. As an Academic Coordinator, also known as an Instructional Coordinator, oversees the development of teaching materials, teaching staff and curriculums. I have conducted staff training, assess educational materials, evaluate educational technologies and mentor new teachers to help them develop effective instructional methods and strategies. In addition to teachers, working closely with other relevant educational personnel to ensure compliance with educational standards, school and student performance, and accountability. I am MI trained with Hybrid Learning and Early Childhood Learning Trained. Now working as, the Academic Elementary Head in The Green School Bangalore under the guidance and leadership of Ms. Usha Iyer.