Management Team


GuhanSubramaniam, is CEO & Managing Director, Leading Edge Advisory Services Pvt Ltd.

Guhan was earlier a Managing Partner at IL&FS Investment Managers Ltd (IIML), one of the largest Private Equity Fund Managers in India.
He has over 30 years of work experience including private equity and operations experience. He has held senior management & leadership positions as COO, Vice President & General Manager with leading corporations in India.
Guhan received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the NowrosjeeWadia College of the University of Pune (India) and completed a postgraduate programme in Business Management from the Symbiosis Institute of Management.


The Bangalore School is promoted by Ms.Usha Iyer and other investors. She
heads this school as Director and she had a rich career in the education field, that includes:

Founder Principal of India International School, Bangalore.
Heading the Early Childhood Learning Centre as a Director and a Consultant of K-12 schools.
Her qualifications included Masters in English and Masters in Education.
Work experience in schools abroad and in India for 33years.

Ms.Usha’s Achievements and other Highlights:

She is a Resident Ambassador for the Develop Schools Project.
She was invited for a 2 week trip to Canada in 2011 by the Canadian High Commission to visit Eight Canadian Universities.
She was bestowed the Vikas Ratna Shironmani Award in the year 2004 for her contribution in the field of education.
She was given felicitations by the Garden City College as the Women Entrepreneur in the field of Education in the year 2010.


We have Dr. Thyagaraj & Dr. Usha Thyagaraj (Pushpa Nursing Home, Whitefield) as doctors on board with the school to take care of any medical emergencies of the children. Dr. Gayathri (TBS Parent) does the medical check up of the kids. A dental check up is also done by Ms. Aparna Metta who is a dentist by profession and a TBS Parent.


Dear Parents, I welcome you to the Bangalore School, which strives to be one of the best pre-schools in the country. The school tries to give a rich blend of learning, fun, play and other activities like art, dance, music, theatre etc. The school is geared up to give one of the best facilities for the child’s all round development.

We have attracted one of the best talents, for our teaching and other staff to ensure that your child gets the best. We do not believe that by getting the best staff is an end in itself. We plan to have continuous learning / training for teachers to ensure that they remain the best consistently over the years.

We want to be a transparent school to ensure that the parents get to understand how we go about achieving our objective of being the best pre-school in the country. We not only want to listen to the parents and shall take their suggestions for improvement seriously. We shall not become the best school in the country unless we give importance for nature and environment that shall be one of our principal objectives. We would like to be evaluated at the end of the year by the smile and happiness of the children attending the school than any other yardstick.


Usha Iyer