Quizathon contest for kids

Quizathon-a marathon of quiz or beyond???

Quiz club-an activity present in almost all schools’ curricula. If that is so, what’s so special about the TGSB Quizathon? Is it just a quiz competition? Opportunities to win some flashy prizes and stuff or SOMETHING ELSE?
True that it is going to win you prizes but in a very meaningful way. If I have to ask you why we play quizzes, the most feasible answers would be for team building, general awareness, and retention of knowledge. The practice of quizzes has been looked upon by all generations as a reiteration of facts through repetitive practice such that you remember the information. In fact, I have also heard people talking of sheer memorization of memory cards to be a pro quiz champ.
Meaning of quiz to the TGSBians
However, there is a much more intensive and progressive outlook of playing quizzes through ways that do not focus on cramming up and reiteration. Playing quizzes through a newly transformed approach with a whole new purpose is what TGSB Quizathon is all about.
Bridging the gap in the knowledge constructed through critical thinking, questions delving deep into concepts learnt and reinforced through spiral learning, using of cueing or observational learning in engaging through questions and answers, elimination technique with the MCQs through reasoning, striking the claim with contestable counter claim-is just the tip of the iceberg! The thought process and research underpinning the TGSB QUIZATHON MAPPING is very intuitive, critical, and creative.
Furthermore, just to give you a sneak peek of what’s new and fresh in the game- ‘it encourages children to be quiz masters, opening up the thoughtful funnel of BIG questions to be asked after extensive research on a piece of knowledge’.
Encourage your child to step into the baby steps by registering and eventually getting guided, if needed, by the TGSB masterminds, before running the BIG marathon. FYI this marathon is a non-stop journey…

Age 3-5

AGE 6-8

AGE 9-11

Age 12-14