Schools around Whitefield


If you are looking for the schools around Whitefield area, you need to look for the best schools around Whitefield , which are highly reviewed by the parent community. The best schools in Whitefield area are the ones which are popular amongst the parent community for offering a plethora of valuable services very meaningful to a child’s learning journey.

Starting from NPS Whitefield, Silver Oaks, Glentree, Vydehi, Jain Heritage to The Green School Bangalore come under the umbrella of leading international school and top emerging awarded schools which have left indelible footprints in a student’s roadmap.

While you are abroad deciding the schools around Whitefield, you might not get the opportunity to visit the school physically during the admissions season. You might have to decide on the school with a virtual visit and counseling. Now, amidst many questions which might arise in your mind on the selection criteria of a school, there are a couple of empowering questions based on which your decision should be made.

All parents ask for the best school for their child. However, every school is good in its own way. Nonetheless, there are certain very meaningful parameters based on which a school may be chosen. These parents have a universal meaningful connotation in the choice of a school.

The pandemic has taught us a real good lesson that the physical infrastructure might be a glamor quotient of a school for a physical feel good factor. However, what is really important is the virtual infrastructure, the investment not on the physical campus but the human assets.

The pedagogy of a school makes all of a difference. A school may have a particular curriculum you look for, but if the delivery of the content is not through the most sophisticated strategies, tools, and techniques; then even the best curriculum would not achieve its successful learning outcomes.

The mission and vision of the school with the learning environment is salient for a parent in considering the school as a meaningful learning ecosystem. The most meaningful learning ecosystem should be child centric, informal, and sustainable. The mission and vision should carry a realistic big picture in upholding the true spirit of nurturing every learner as a curious risk taker, compassionate, and empathetic global citizen.

The meaning of the teacher carries a lot of value. Check whether the school has an instructor or a facilitator. 

Coming to the holistic environment, choose the school which has the wholesome nurturing of IQ, EQ, SQ, gross and fine motor skills by making a holistic learning framework with equal weightage on academics,social, emotional, gross, and fine motor skills. 

The integration of technology is very meaningfully conceived by some schools which incorporate the usefulness of assistive technology into the learning framework.

Coming to the learning objectives and outcomes, check whether the school follows an inclusive learning environment with a reflective learning mode successfully addressing each learner’s needs.

It is not advisable to select a school with the teacher: student ratio more than 1:10.

Moreover, you should choose the school which has futuristic goals and progressive in its thought process and actions-like learning concepts through the simulation based tool, design thinking.

What if you get to choose the no.1 school in Bangalore-the best school for your child.

The Green School Bangalore, being highest awarded for its intellectual architect, its sustainable learning  ecosystem, the tGSB approach, and the green curriculum, is waiting for you. You will just love it!