If you are a parent who is looking for schools in Kadugodi area, then you should not think twice to zero down your choice on The Green School bangalore. Parents often search on the google search engine to search for good CBSE or ICSE schools in Kadugodi area , Bangalore. When you look for schools in Kadugodi area, Bangalore, you specifically look for the distance of the school in Kadugodi area  from your residence and along with the travel time from the school in Kadugodi area to your home, you also look for the pedagogy and the unique learning features of the schools in Kadugodi area. It is quite interesting to see that the parents look for certain listing sites like, to see the listings of top schools in Kadugodi area where you will find schools like Chrysallis High, Vibgyor, Tattva School, Sharada Vidya Mandira, Pragathi, and Ujjval World School. Without any preference bias, we can surely comment that while all schools in Kadugodi area are good in their own ways, the most salient factors for a parent is probably to look for a gratifying learning atmosphere in a school. Amongst all the best schools in Kadugodi area, some schools stand out for their glamorous physical infrastructure, which might have a corporate appeal, which for some parents, might be a trending fad. However, amongst all the schools in Kadugodi area, Bangalore, as parents you should zero down on that school near you which has a meaningful learning atmosphere. When we talk of meaningful learning atmosphere in the schools of Kadugodi area, what we mean is that school which has a lot of research and development when it comes to weaving the curriculum through the learning philosophy of the school, its mission, and its vision. 

The most captivating feature of the best schools in Kadugodi area is the learning philosophy, sustainable goals, investment on virtual infrastructure, child-centric physical setup, assessment approaches and outcomes. When you consider all these selection factors, The Green school Bangalore occupies the first rank as the most reviewed school amongst the parent community for creating a sense of ownership in a child’s life as a global citizen.

The mission of The Green school Bangalore or TGSB as a top school in Kadugodi area, is achieving sustainable education with the vision of working towards making a green planet through the restoration of natural resources.

Imagine your child learning from this top school in Kadugodi area, named popularly as TGSB (The Green School Bangalore) how to transform ownself as a responsible global identity in connection with the nature round. Starting from reducing carbon footprints, using natural resources in a resilient manner, learning about the use of 3Rs, conservation of micro-watershed management, irrigation water management, soil and water conservation. 

Apart from the child centric infrastructure built with the natural resources, the Green school Bangalore boasts of its engaging classroom driven through the student led inquiry, the connection of the students through their perceptual abilities, and transform the children to make changes in positive and sustainable ways.

Being the best school in Kadugodi area, the Green schoolBangalore teaches its students to becomes agents of changes to be brought in the planet through empathy, action, and passion in bringing about sustainable improvements in the perspectives. The sustainable mission is attained through the service learning, positive mindsets, and school culture.

The most worthy mention is the way The Green School Bangalore create a permanent learning imprint in a student’s mindset is through its storytelling on multicultural understanding. The Green school Bangalore classroom is a milieu where through storytelling the UN’s SDGs attain a different level of meaningful connotations.

The UN’s SDGs are powerful starting point of The Green school Bangalore’s talks and actions which are intricately woven through the storytelling sessions of the school.