TGSB STEAM INNOVATION LAB-incubates small ideas to make them BIG

Grow in the intelligent bucket made up of recycled paper-The Groasis Waterboxx- a sustainable anti-desertification technique of growing the greens even in a desert. What an innovation with sustainable footprints by the Dutch flower exporter, Pieter Hoff. This waterboxx provides an inclusive microclimate for sapling incubation, also protecting the tender green from the harsh heat storm. Such learning bits are available for all the children who would love to visit the TGSB sustainable learning corner, the power station for brewing design ideas

When all the students learn about decarbonization, the TGSBians speak ahead of the trend in talking about carbon capture and storage (CCS) and direct air capture (DAC). Stanford University study shows that the capture, compress, storing, and reuse of carbon help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reuse carbon in making synthetic fuel.

The TGSB kids have been the consistent voice of the UN’s SDGs in taking up action items through learning about the SDG global innovations. TGSB learning ecosystem has decided to create a small reading corner which is going to stack all motivational thoughts for sustainable learners. TGSB calls it ‘the TGSB SDG learning corner’ and welcomes all the budding change makers to visit and be inspired by the shared knowledge.
The TGSB SDG learning corner has a motto: to bring in the young masterminds to join hands together in creating a HAPPY PLANET INDEX.
B-Droid robotic bees pollinate crops with their mission of creating more natural bee population. The TGSBians, while learning about food and nutrition, took a footstep ahead of the K-12 general curriculum trend in infusing the innovation of technology into sustainability.

The green technology prevents harmful bacteria from forming on treated surfaces — protecting both the birds and the environment. WBU is also committed to nature conservation.