we are happy to announce

TGSB – The first Green School in Bengaluru is all set to launch the elementary wing
Based on the lines of The green school across the globe –
The Bangalore School Trust is coming up with The Green School Bangalore – the elementary wing which is all set to incorporate a global sustainable curriculum.
The careers of today are not going to exist tomorrow. The kids will be getting jobs only if they are exposed to machine learning, artificial intelligence and environment sustainability.
The school as the name suggests goes strictly by environmental norms like zero waste, zero energy and zero carbon. The elementary school is set to be operational by June 2019 There is great emphasis on a holistic learning approach, which strikes the right balance in developing the artistic, sport and academic facets of every child.
Even the school provides organic meals, which are freshly made at the steamed kitchen and from organic farms for the kids at no additional costs. All in all, this school is set to remove conventional and mundane forms of teaching to exciting, practical and interactive ways to mold and prepare the young students for the future.A Japanese mentoring programme and an integrated curriculum which emphasises classrooom beyond boundaries and every where and anywhere learning