Most of us have often heard of IQ and at most EQ. While the intelligence quotient has been claimed to assess logical reasoning, problem-solving, memory, mathematical ability, and linguistic skills; it is evaluated as an incomplete metric of understanding the complex human brain and its full spectrum of functions without IQ being complemented by the emotional quotient (EQ), adversity quotient (AQ), and happiness quotient (HQ). Student supervisors at The Green School Bangalore consider Interest-based learning theory as the guideline for understanding each student’s passion and the best learning outcomes. The self-regulated learning approach gives every TGSBian to advocate for their choice and areas of interest. Empowering the TGSBians with this sense of learning freedom helps to harness each one’s HQ in learning through intrinsic motivation. The students drive the motivation force from within which becomes a continuous flow of energy and happiness to excel. Making learners infuse the attribute of risk taking, is what TGSB trains. The TGSBians are chiselled to take up challenges for stimulating their brain plasticity and coping with complex life situations. 

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