Sensory Room

A sensory room is a quiet space dedicated to stimulating, developing, and relaxing the senses. Unlike a school classroom, where children are usually expected to watch and listen to the teacher, the sensory room allows pupils the freedom and autonomy to explore the environment for themselves, in their own time, using all of their senses. The décor of a sensory room includes low lighting and adjustable lighting projections, fiber optics, mirrors, and bubble tubes. It contains a choice of comfortable places to sit, a variety of interesting objects to examine, and it might also feature sounds and soft music. The sensory room acts as a calming space for pupils experiencing emotional or behavioral difficulties. Sensory rooms can help children learn to manage their emotions in a controlled environment, without feeling they are being isolated or punished

The use of sensory equipment can help children to develop and practice a range of skills including:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Colour recognition
  • Communication
  • Sensory skills