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Hybrid learning-is the trend in the air with the exposure of the stakeholders to the flexible learning mode, hence balancing independent learning under a supervised framework. The Green School Bangalore is the progressive forerunner in this. 

Gone are the days of conventional authoritarian dictums of schools asking students to drop in daily at any cost without excuse, at times students yielding to unpardonable offense of taking a leave due to emergency. This has been the rule under the so long acknowledged blanket name to ‘discipline’. However, changing times demand students to spend time more productively than just go to school in the name of schooling. While some of the activities can be on campus, some can be an independent handling by the students off campus at home, whereby they will get to slowly encounter the challenge of independent learning, self-management, and organizational skills. On one hand supervision plays a guided support in the learning journey, on the other hand the flexible approach  open up a wide horizon for independently managing the assignments with adequate reflection time. After all, the time of action cannot go beyond 12 hrs, where students can optimize their daily planner by flexibly allocating time to their other areas of passion, additional skill development, and self-management skills.  Questions are often asked by parents on the meaning of the term- ‘hybrid learning.  Hybrid learning- is a perfect amalgamation of the in-person face-to-face classroom with the parallel infusion of taking up the classes from the home setup in saving time, effort, and energy in travelling to school everyday. For some progressive schools, hybrid learning has  always been there as a flexible accessible mode to extend their unique approaches to learning to the students across the geographical limits. Bangalore, with its progressive advanced technical infrastructure, is trying to expose its young generation with hybrid schools in Bangalore, where students get an opportunity to mix and match and take up off-campus and on-campus learning mode.

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