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New research suggests that natural elements like mud, sticks, and trees might unlock the imaginative power of play—beating out purpose-built spaces like the outdoor play area in school.

The Outdoor play area is designed with naturalized plants, trees, flowers, water, sand and also with a wide variety of play opportunities from, slides, monkey bars, and stairs to see-saw. For the children of the pre-primary section, a well-planned and safe play area ensures that the children get the physical exercise they need and keep them well occupied and help them stretch those growing muscles.

There are many benefits to children playing outside. Outside, children can release energy, use loud voices, play vigorously, and engage in messy projects. In addition, children can experience the plants and animals in their local ecosystem .

Research has helped us identify many other benefits to playing outdoors such as:

  • Better physical health
  • Numerous opportunities to strengthen motor skills
  • Stress relief
  • Greater visual-motor integration (or the ability to control hand or body movement guided by vision)
  • Greater creativity
  • Stronger verbal and social skills
  • Production of Vitamin D (an essential vitamin for bone health) through exposure to sunlight
  • Increased attention and cognitive abilities
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