Solar energy is an important and material component of Green School’s renewable energy and carbon emissions reduction strategy.
The Bio Bus project which we shall start soon will result in multiple learning opportunities and practical sustainability solutions. The decrease in passenger car trips will result in carbon emissions reductions, as well as the ecological benefits of recycling cooking oil and using the biofuel as a fuel alternative. As well, a byproduct of the cooking oil recycling process is glycerine which can be further processed into sustainable soap products. We plan to implement all these slowly
Programme over view
We aim to get your child out into the world, to embrace their own personal learning journey and to see that learning can happen anywhere and everywhere and not just in a classroom – lifelong learning realised. Our programme holds a special place in the world of education where they are finding personal and academic success.
1.The real world and academic learning is connected. Concept of integration
2.Academic learning
Math,English and other subjects- integrate projects
Field trip, excursions, outdoor education- community outreach programme
4.Weather stations
Experimentig through rain gauge, anemometer and thermometer
Our subjects are so much focussed on such topics which automatically creates careers and paves the way for a vocation or jobs of their choice.
Curiosity and facts accumulation
According to the experts, curiosity is closely interwoven with logic and facts. The child engaging in simple activities with peers in the classroom builds curiosity towards various prospects and outcomes and attempts the probabilities to find the best result.

Hands on experience
Hand on experience is important. The students at the elementary level are very enthusiastic about the practical experiences and they get indulged in the same, especially when smart electronics is involved.

Creation and innovation
Creation and innovation are the ultimate results of robotics and require high level and worthy use of STEM disciplines. The child attempting the robotics tasks in the elementary levels gets adept in visualizing and creating including through innovative pursuits.

Environment and real life scenarios
A peripheral yet significant derivative of nature connect is also that the student learns to connect the STEM facts and processes with the external environment. This ensures better and assimilative grooming.