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More and more, schools are going green — in the topics, they’re covering in their curriculum, as well as in the construction and remodeling of the schools themselves. Green buildings have multiple advantages: lower energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint — plus, they create living-learning environments that educate students to be more Earth-conscious. The Green School Bangalore is the only green school in Varthur- Whitefield with the vision of creating green leaders – the change-makers. The school focuses on green awareness for students and staff with programs, resources, and events to promote healthier food and nutrition, indoor air quality, and the 3Rs: reducing, reusing, and recycling. A source of green curriculum, TGSB is dedicated, to the “implementation of environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient systems and practices in K-12 schools.”

A Green Machine- TGSB

The TGSB School’s design screams green throughout, from its use of natural light and air circulation inside to its landscaping and the way it recaptures rainwater outside. In essence, the building itself serves as a teaching tool to educate kids about recycling, conservation, and sustainability. Green, too, are the materials used in the building, which were chosen to reduce contaminants and indoor pollution and lessen environmental impact. This material’s natural finish doesn’t need painting and requires little upkeep. Many of the building’s features also conserve energy, from a lighting system with sensors that allow for maximizing the use of natural light to low-flow dual-flush toilets that conserve water. Funneling water into underground holding tanks allows it to eventually percolate into the soil and remain on site. Such scientific tidbits offer valuable lessons about the local water cycle for our students.

For TGSB students, the very building they occupy holds these lessons and many more about how to respect their environment.

Green Quest and Curriculum:

The objective of the Green Curriculum is to help our young students learn from nature. The program is offered to students across all grades and is spread over the academic year. Lesson plans and activities deal with planting, sowing, growing, and harvesting. Understanding layers and composition of soils, preparing organic compost, and careful use of pesticides are a part of the course. Students are provided the opportunity to use natural products in culinary projects such as the jam and pickle making sessions.

The Green Curriculum encourages a greater understanding of the environment and ecological issues. Students are encouraged to practice what they learn by creating their own growing and farm spaces. Skills such as observation, recording of hands-on research, and report writing are ways in which the Green Curriculum helps develop cognitive areas of learning.
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