BlogAnnouncing the Art of Design Thinking in TGSB-the most novel approach with a BIG impact on pedagogy

October 26, 2023by admin0
Announcing the art of Design Thinking in TGSB-the most novel approach with a BIG impact on pedagogy

TGSB, The Green School Bangalore, has started envisioning a futuristic education toolkit for its students. Design Thinking- an amalgamation of the iterative learning cycles of prototyping, testing, reflecting, and evaluating- is infused in the transformative pedagogy of TGSB.

The pertinent question is what’s so special about Design Thinking in learning? 

Let’s start with the expected outcomes produced by computers- computers are expected to come up with known solutions based on a conjecture. What if we may dream of a whole new solution! Humans prove to be better than computers with the unforeseen solutions. In addition, humans are communicators who can be trained to solve ill-structured problems. Design thinking trains students in solving the unprecedented, ill-structured problems, unexpected challenges encountered by the complex dynamic of real life. Design thinking helps in solving empathizing, prototyping, testing, and iterating to drive real meaningful change.

 Many schools, in the present scenario, use ‘design thinking’ as a jargon in the STEM learning programme. However, Design thinking is not a jargon or buzzword at all. It  is a flexible, systematic, and powerful approach to analytical thinking with a design driven mindset in adopting problem solving skills- the skills needed to solve a problem through multiple strategies.

to address these diverse kinds of challenges.

The TGSB teaching technology laboratory is a hub of assistive technology systems to build games, simulations or prototypes instrumental in creating a blueprint of the real life situation. TGSB students are being trained sustainably to integrate design freedoms in the design thinking process. Through repetition of problem solving the TGSB students create prototypes in the storyboard of the design thinking process. The ultimate objective is to create an optimum wireframe, meaning the mock-up of the best possible digital solution.

If you are a progressive parent eager to be a part of the futuristic learning journey, join the TGSB fraternity.

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