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October 26, 2023by admin0
Every school talks of admissions open, TGSB talks of what a TGSBian learns

Have you heard of the Zéphyr Solar: An autonomous solar balloon bringing electricity to disaster zones? 

TGSB is a sustainable learning ecosystem which walks the footsteps of the United Nation’s SDGs in making the planet a peaceful and energetic place. The TGSBians have constructed knowledge on Zephyr Solar, the brainchild of Karen Assaraf, Julie Dautel, and Cédric Tomissi, and their France-based start-up EONEF, this photovoltaic helium ballon is used to observe the wildlife moves, measure air quality, inspect and coordinate with the rescue team on the needs of the disaster zones.

This is a food for though for the parent community. What is more meaningful to you-a school which sends on continuous message on admissions open or an ecosystem of fresh minds who brainstorm and tell you what your child would be learning everyday? 

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