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The Green School Bangalore proudly presents the ECO-MOMS CONTEST – Celebrating Motherhood and Green-Living!

Mother’s Day,


This Mother’s Day, join us in honoring all the incredible moms who make a difference by leading sustainable lifestyles. Whether you’re a whiz at recycling, a gardening guru, or a lover of all things eco-friendly, we want to see how you and your children embrace green living!


Mother's Day

  • Win Exciting Prizes and Hampers from The Green School Bangalore!
  • How to Participate:
  • Like & Follow Us: Make sure you’re following our Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Post Your Photo: Upload a photo to the comment section of this contest post showing how you and your child/children engage in environmentally friendly activities.
  • Use Hashtags: Add #mothersday2024 #celebratingnature #celebratingmotherhood to your entry.
  • Gather Support: Share your post and encourage friends and family to like your picture – the photo with the most likes wins!
  • Deadline for Entries: May 10th
  • Tips to Win:
  • High-quality photos with clear visibility of activities.
  • Brief description or story in your comment to inspire others and add context to your photo.
  • Engage with friends and family to like and share your post actively.
  • Join us in this fun and meaningful contest and let’s celebrate the eco-friendly way mothers contribute to our planet!




The Origins and Evolution of Mother’s Day: Honoring Maternal Love
  1. Ancient Roots: Celebrating Motherhood in Antiquity
    • Mother Goddesses and Fertility Festivals
    • Incorporation into Early Christian Traditions as “Mothering Sunday”
  2. Anna Jarvis and the Modern Mother’s Day Movement
    • Anna Jarvis: A Champion of Maternal Appreciation
    • The Journey to National Recognition: President Wilson’s Proclamation
  3. Global Variations: Mother’s Day Around the World
    • Symbolism of Flowers: Carnations in the US, Red and White in Japan
    • Cultural Customs and Traditions: From Brunches to Family Gatherings
  4. The Commercial Aspect: Gift-Giving and Celebration
    • Evolution of Mother’s Day Gifts: From Homemade Tokens to Store-Bought Presents
    • Balancing Commercialization with Genuine Appreciation: Keeping the Spirit Alive
  5. The Essence of Mother’s Day: Love, Gratitude, and Remembrance
    • Expressing Love Beyond Material Gifts: Acts of Service and Quality Time
    • Honoring Mothers, Grandmothers, and Maternal Figures: A Day of Tribute and Reflection

By exploring the historical origins, cultural variations, commercial influences, and heartfelt sentiments of Mother’s Day, we gain a deeper appreciation for this annual celebration of maternal love and influence.


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